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Your IITT journey continues long after you graduate. As a member of IITT's Alumni Association, you will have access to a network, continuous educational opportunities, and multiple ways to connect with fellow alumni.

  • Free Ongoing Education For Life

    IITT proffers its students with the seamless education system in a major fields of study. From highly advaced campus to the wee-basi- facilities, the institute works over all development of its students.

  • Talent Solutions- Your Lifelong Executive Search Service

    IITT not only gives educational base to the students, but also makes sure that it gives all possible solutions to them promoting their talent. The services it offers on the same ground are corely dedicated towards the long term achievements of the students.

  • Exclusive Events- Executive Speakers and Master Classes

    To motivate students and enhance their capabilities in their fields of study, IITT makes sure that it keeps organizing exculsive events such as, guests lectures, industrial workshops etc. It helps the students learn out the way and execute the knowledge on the professional grounds accordingly; when needed.

  • Global Alumni Summit

    Organizing the Global Alumni Summit from time to time, IITT endeavors towards motivating the students from highly inspirational speeches from the alumni who are working on high designation around the world. This helps students understand the industry standards and get a new perspective towards career and life.

  • Alumni Recruitment

    Helping develop the knowledge amongst the students, IITT keeps organizing events in which it makes students aware of the Alumni who got recruited in various fields of industry as per the field of their education.

  • Stay Connected For Life

    Organizing aformentioned events from time to time, the motive of IITT is to keep in touch with its old students for life and spread the messageof staying connected.