Course Overview

Bachelor of Science is a three-year undergraduate degree course. It is a basic program with a more focused approach in science stream. B.Sc is a subject based study, which includes subjects from almost all fields of study, such as: Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Business Administration and many others. Thus, giving a deep understanding of technological knowledge, liberal arts, mathematics along with practical skills it gives expertise to the students in their discipline field of study. Throughout the program, it makes students well-versed with the theoretical, practical and the main subject knowledge.


Job Prospects

Bachelor of Science is a wide field of study and so are the career options. For example, for B.Sc in IT graduates, there are many job opportunities in many sectors of the economy like telecommunication, office automation etc. Hence, they are placed as software engineer, business analyst, network programmer, database administrator, support specialist and many others. Besides, B.Sc in Nursing can fetch jobs in community health centres, public and private hospitals, education, defense forces, research, industry etc. Not only this, graduates of B.Sc in business administration finds a solid ground for their career as Accountant, Business Manager, Finance Officer and Public Relation Specialist amongst others. In a nutshell, Bachelor of science is a diverse stream that helps students find proficiency in their respective fields.


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