Career in Computer Applications

At bachelor level, Computer Application is a three year undergraduate program. It offers core study in C, C++ programming, Management Information System, Visual Basic, Computer Networks and Design. As development is taking place with technology, the graph of more computer experts, game developer, web designers, system analyst and many in this league; is facing an upward trend. Hence, giving specialization in computer applications and its working, the course helps professionals meet the increasing IT demands and give a bright future to their careers.

Career in computer application depends on the skill-set acquired during the learning process that may go either at bachelors or masters level. Hence, after the degree is achieved, the graduate may work under various designations. Some of them are: design engineer, java developer, quality assurance engineer, senior web designer, PHP web developer, Officer Administrator etc. Generally, job in this sector depends on the necessity of systems. Like, in small organizations, the systems don't encounter many complexities, hence can be handled with limited IT experts. In big organizations, the work goes on big level and so the IT-related problems. Thus, a big force of the same is required. In doing these tasks, the experts hold certain responsibilities, such as:

  • Testing the feasibility of the new software.
  • Support and maintain the functions of the software.
  • Check and ensure that the software is user-friendly.




Hence, with expertise in these fields, the IT professionals get plenty of jobs in the giant companies like Wipro, InfoTech, Satyam, TCS, Siemens; Banks and BPO amongst others. Although the starting salary may be between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000, but once a graduate fetches more and more experience in the professional world; or go for maters in computer application, the salary eventually increases or starts with a handsome amount.