Career in Hotel Management

Bachelors in Hotel Management and Catering Technology is a three year under graduate course. It lays the conceptual foundation of students honing their skills on managerial and entrepreneurial level. Throughout the program, students get a comprehensive training in hospitality and in culinary arts in almost all types of cuisines. Besides, they inculcate the ability to develop and maintain human relations along with expertise in quick decision-making. Hence, the program is the blend of business management and culinary artwork that covers food and beverage services, food production, kitchen management and front house procedures amongst others. The course covers a wide range of subjects such as: Hotel Facility Planning, Food and Beverage Management, I.T in Hotel Industry, Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, Financial Analysis, Advanced Food Production, Quantity Training Kitchen, Hotel Law, Hotel Accounts, Basic Computer Application, Basic Indian Cuisines, Hygiene and Sanitation etc