Credit Based System

IITT has come up with the credit system according to which, the courses offered are credit based. A certain number of credits are assigned to every course, which is based on the number of contact hours per week for each. For instance, where a theory course may be assigned of 2, 3 or 4 credits, the practical course may assign 4 or 6 credits. It is up to the school or department that first determines the mandatory and optional courses and then decides the credits for each of them.

Hence, to fetch a degree, students at IITT are required to earn a certain number of credits by studying core or mandatory along with the electives or optional courses. The marks given to the students follow grade system, i.e. they are assigned in alphabetical order. Thus, A+, A, B+, B, C, D and F is the range of grades starting from the highest order to the lowest.


Credit Point:

Credit Points exemplifies the 'workload' that students have to undertake. It's like an indicator of number of learning hours which undertake almost all forms of learning activities. Thus, it brackets undertakes all the facets of learning, i.e. from reading, discussing, attending lectures/ counseling sessions and reflecting to discussing, writing assignments, preparations for exams and watching prepared videos amongst others.

1 credit corresponds to approximately 30 to 40 learning hours. Hence, allotted to a particular course, credits are assigned keeping in view the hours that a learner would take to successfully get through with the course.