Departments of Engineering

IITT established its department of engineering with an aim to give foundation to the 'Center of Excellence'. Working over the same ground, it has provided the highly professional teaching manpower to form the strongest educational base amongst the students. Besides, the institute envisages entrepreneurial alleys by undertaking an array of innovations and scientific research work, so that it succeeds in meeting the need of industry as well as the society.


Keeping in view the educational quality standards, IITT strengthens its R&D activities by yielding modern computer and electronic labs along with other well-furnished labs as per the different disciplines of the engineering program it offers. Not only this, it also conducts training programs and undertakes miscellaneous projects which help students gain the best knowledge on all the grounds. Besides, the most updated study material that covers all the topics pertaining to all fields of study also gives the remarkable edge in the learning process of the students. Thus, the department of engineering works over reaping the best talent for the industry standards and makes it ready to meet the challenges of the competitive global market.


Following are the courses provided by IITT under Department of Engineering. Click on the Course name to know more about it: