Financial Aid

Tied-up with RSEF, IITT provides Financial Aid to the students. Please look over our Financial Aid Policy. To apply for Financial Aid, browse through IITT website. You can download form from there; or you may visit our offices/ campuses.


Download Financial Aid Form


To encourage its mission of providing the perennial and applicable education, IITT has meticulously designed its Financial Aid Policy. It is modeled keeping in view certain objectives, such as:


  • Country of origin (to ensure national, cultural, and ethnic diversity)
  • Financial need
  • Specialized knowledge, skills, and/or expertise
  • Career goals
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Community, public, or national service
  • Evidence of: Leadership Professional promise Motivation and drive Overcoming adversity, including disabilities.


The aforementioned criteria are meant to be reviewed under the admission criteria, mission and the purpose of IITT. It's on the basis of an official written withdrawal date- that registrar office processes, that 'Withdrawals and Program Fee Refunds' and 'General Information Program Fee refunds' are swiftly permitted. Amidst, in case of non-attendance, the official withdrawal will not be granted. And 'Immersion Begins' will be the first week of the class indexed on the academic calender.


Basically, the schedule followed is for the students who deliberately back-off or who are dismissed from the school in punishments. If, in case, a foreign student withdrawals from IITT, then the institute will cancel the visa of that student and this will be instantly informed to the immigration authorities. It is must for a student to arrange an exit interview with Student Services before he/she leaves. From Application Fees, Insurance Fee and Installment Plan Fee to Pre Program Fee, Accommodation Fee (paid to IITT) and Confirmation Deposit; each is non-refundable. Apart from it, as far as refunding is concerned, it only goes to Program Fee. Besides, Specialization Fee will deduct any awarded Financial Aid given by IITT which comes in the form of: financial aid, scholarships and bursaries.