Global Trends

Global trends are important for business growth, hence it is necessary for students to know about major global trends. Staying up to date makes you aware of whats happening around and gives you competitive edge in today corporate world. Some examples of global trends are sustainable development and information technology of are listed below


Here are some of the global trends making wave this year


No-Touch Interfaces

Voice recognition software is already in use implementing no-touch interfaces. Soon there will be advancement in camera and sensors in order to adapt no-touch interfaces in smartphones and other devices.


3-D Printing

3-D printing is a cost effective technique hence it is assumed that there will be increment in the user of 3-D printing techniques.


Large Cloud Services

Cloud services are already in the market, but this year some renowned brands are going to use this.


Online Video Streaming

Online video streaming is very popular among user. It is expected that the number of user will increase by 30-40 % this year.