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  • Residential Facilities


    We at IITT understand the longing students feel for a comfortable home while they are out studying in a different city. IITT has a residential facility with a capacity for over 1800 students that provides a comprehensive range of facilities within the campus, separately for boys as well as girls. We aim at providing as congenial an environment as possible by providing a pleasant, homely and most importantly a safe set-up within the campus.


    IITT has a wide range of accommodation options ranging from standard rooms to apartment types. The students are given a choice to choose a room as per their convenience and choice. The facility is permitted on an annual basis for students admitted for regular programs for the duration of an academic year.


    All rights of permission to avail the residential facility are reserved with IITT and can be denied to any student and no student shall be entitled to claim this facility as a matter of right. The facility will be offered on a first come first serve basis and there are provisions for reservation for special category of students such as


    • those admitted for residential or specific program
    • those admitted in Hons program
    • those coming from distant places or
    • on the basis of academic/ sports/ cultural/ co-curricular or other performances.


    The residential facility will be provided till the regular academic session including the regular exams or 10 months from the start of the session, whichever is earlier and the floors and room patter are subject to change from time to time.


    Students can come and join the facility two days prior to the commencement of the academic year and are required to vacate at a maximum of days after the completion of the academic year. For availing the facility for summer schools, reappearing in the examination, making up for examination, classes etc. the students have to pay extra fee and this will also depend on availability and permission of residential facility.

  • Life @ Residential Facilities Provided by IITT

    Events and Activities

    In order to offer an amicable environment to the students various celebrations, events and cultural activities are organized at the residential facility. A variety of competitions are organized so that students from various residential inns can compete against each other and develop a cordial relationship with others students. Apart from this, various clubs and forums work inside the residential facilities providing the students opportunities to develop certain skills in their fields of interest and inculcating in them a sense of regular practice and discipline.



    The residential facilities at IITT have counselors who are there to lend their ears to students regarding home sickness, the pressure of studies or any other personal issue. The institution also offers Counseling and Psychological Support Services at the campus.


    Safety and Security

    The IITT campus is well equipped with CCTV cameras and the security staff ensure the safety and security of the students. They also make sure that proper decorum is maintained in the campus and are always available in case of emergencies.



    There are various committees working in the residential facilities to ensure the smooth functioning and active participation by the students in the many activities that are organized in the facility.These committees comprise of students who work for one common goal of unconstrained operations.


    They are as follows:


    • Cultural and Entertainment Committee
    • Sports Committee
    • Discipline, Security and Anti Ragging Committee
    • Medical and Safety Committee
    • Mess Committee
    • Academics and Grievance Committee
  • Why Residential Facility at IITT ?

    Well-equipped infrastructure with state of art facilities and modern amenities truly demonstrate the hostel facility at the IITT Campus. IITT offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls with hostel warden in each hostel to supervise day to day management. Amenities such as reading room, indoor games room, lounge and dining hall provide conducive environment for the overall growth and development of the students. Furthermore, even after the prevalence of has a huge residential facility for the students, shortages have been experienced in recent past. Therefore, it is advisable for the students as well as the parents to avail the residential facility at the time of admission and avoid inconvenience at a later date.



    To make the students even more comfortable and to make the transition phase easier for the students, IITT offers quality laundry services within the campus. The best washing and drying machines using standard chemicals are employed by the Laundry Services. Also there is systematized method of Laundry Delivery and Collection. A bag with proper identification number of the user at specified place is provided by the Laundry Services. Each student can get about 120 clothes washed/ ironed from the Laundry in a month. Dormitory room may have 8-16 students and are without attached washrooms. However common washrooms will be available on the same floor.



    Food as a Standard Food facility is available to the students admitted for regular programs for the duration of regular academic session. The students have an option of availing the services from the college or managing on their own. The food facility will be offered till the end of the regular academic session including regular exams or 10 months from the start of session, whichever is earlier. The various details pertaining to the different types of cuisines such Regional and Continental Food facility and their fee and other details are enlisted on the website.


    Food facility will be provided till the end of the regular academic session including regular exams or 10 months from the start of session, whichever is earlier. Students may avail Food facility when they come and join two days prior to start of academic session and up to two days after regular exams. In order to avail food facility after the end of academic session, additional proportionate Food fee is required to be paid by the student subject to the availability and permission of Food facility. As a special gesture, IITT allows the student to pay the food fee in two installments, first installment the time of applying for food fee and the rest of amount along with the fee of next semester. As food facility is permitted on annual basis so student cannot claim withdrawal of food facility after paying one installment.