How to Pay

Payment Terms and Deadlines

While submitting application, there is no need to pay application fee. Once a student chooses a program, he/she is supposed to pay a non-refundable Confirmation Deposit within 7 days of the acceptance. Besides, he/she may pay through installment plan as well.


In case of non-payment of the course or not adhering to the terms and conditions, IITT possess the right to undo initially confirmed campus seat. Moreover, if a student fails to meet the deadlines, IITT will relocate the student instantly. Apart from it, in case of late payment, IITT may access a surcharge of 2% on the same. It may be maximum as per the law; or it'll depend on whichever is lower, on all outstanding accounts.

Methods of Payment

The payment of Application Fee or Confirmation Deposit is paid via: Online, Credit Card, Bank Transfer/wire. Once funds are received, IITT credits the account of the customers. Hence, it is the concern of the customers to look over all the transaction and fees of the bank.