• Campus Life


    Studying at IITT campus is one learning experience that will nurture you well for upcoming future. The moments spent in the campus would be the ones you will cherish for a lifetime.


  • Recreational Activities

    Students enjoy their leisure time in lush green ambience of the campus, which rejuvenates their mind after a grilling academic schedule of Lessons, Labs, Tutorials and Workshops. In addition, there are number of activities too that refresh their body, enlighten their mind and purify their souls. These activities include:


    • Cultural Club & meets
    • Outdoor & Indoor Sport
    • Trekking and Adventure sports
    • Yoga Lessons
  • Community Volunteering

    With a number of diverse programs that matches your interests and schedule at IITT, you can easily choose one for yourself. Our previous year's students denoted their extra hours to the community service activities such as Kar Sewa at Gurudwara, Rural Sanitation, Safety for Women Campaign, Coaching for entrance examination, Adopting a village and other NSS Activities.


  • Performing Arts & Activities

    The IITT campus owns an infrastructure that gives students ample space to perform, conduct a plethora of activities. The Auditorium with seating capacity of 400 serves as host to visiting artists. Also, it's perfect for theatre and musical performance. Auditions for this cause are open to all students and members of other community who participate in concerts and at college functions. Along with it various Seminars and debates are done time to time to sharpen the learning.


    At IITT, students also get an opportunity to be part of various student group sponsored bus trips to trekking in nearby hills as well.


    Being a campus packed with zest and excitement IITT certainly makes things easy for students who have left the cosy ambience of the home for the very first time. It makes sure the whole ambience is encouraging, wherein students build great friendships and progress in their life.


    With IITT, a new world of possibilities would join in to your life making your life rewarding. It will give you a niche to create your own identity. Your inclination with the teacher and books would be remarkable.