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Dr. A.K Sinha, Retd. IAS
(Former - Secretary to Govt.) Mentor IITT GROUP
Mrs. Rama Sinha, ME FIETE
(Ex - Aluminus of IIT Roorkee) Founder IITT GROUP

Mrs. Rama Sinha, the founder of IITT Group is the Ex- Alumnus of IIT Roorkee. She has come-up with an important message to enlighten students with the importance of a secured career and how IITT helps in achieving it. She has put forth the importance of the coming years in students' life, emphasizing on the facilities that IITT offers students with full sincerity and honesty. She further talks about the best faculty services that act as a role model by giving personalized attention to the students so that they don't feel neglected. Giving a hi-fi environment and excellent facilities for academics, the institute focuses on overall development of its students. To make them a successful professional, Mrs. Sinha highlights IITT's emphasis on training students with ethical and traditional values. Apart from it, she mentions the latest learning techniques given at IITT and the institute's initiatives to connect students with the corporate world to give them real industry experience.


Founder's Words:

  • An institution with good reputation and name where the best faculty, students and recruiters come.
  • A program that is so rigorous and continuously evolving that it places you ahead of your peers anywhere in the world.
  • Faculty who are dedicated, hard working and passionate towards your success and who can be role models for you.
  • An institution that gives you personalized attention so that you don't remain just a face in the crowd.
  • An environment which encourages your all-round development besides focusing on academic excellence.
  • An institution that lays strong emphasis on traditional values, so that tomorrow you not only become a successful professional, but also an ethical and responsible human being.
  • A hi-tech environment that constantly exposes you to the latest technology in the world and utilizes the latest learning techniques.
  • An institution that works hand-in-hand with the corporate world so that tomorrow, you are fully equipped to handle any challenge in the real life situation.
  • An institution that has an international perspective and partnerships to open up for you global opportunities in today's borderless world.
  • An institution that attracts some of the best students from around the country, giving you a network of life-long friends.


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