Course Overview

Master of Science is a two year postgraduate program in which last two to six months go to dissertation. It is pursued once students get through with their bachelors degree in their respective field of study. The program offers expertise in the specialized fields such as, Information Technology, Business Administration, Nursing, Psychology, Computer Science and Automation, Bio-technology, food and technology, operational research, pharmocology, environmental science, physics, chemistry, maths etc. Accordingly, the subjects includes studied include: mathematics, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, programming, artificial intelligence, Entomology, Fish Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Environmental Laws, Environmental Management, Bio-statistics and Modeling and many more as per the main subject. Thus, proffering students with the expertise in the wide allay of subjects, M.Sc opens the gates for PhD program as well. .


Job Prospects

Be in any field of specialization, the postgraduates gets ample job opportunities in both government and private sector. For example, postgraduates of Information Technology are recruited as Senior Consultant for private security, Traffic Flow Analyst, Lecturers etc. Whereas postgraduates from Biotechnology are employed in: Agro Based Industries, Food Processing Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Research Laboratories, Chemical Industries and many others. As far as holders of M.Sc degree in Environmental Sciences are concerned, they find wide career options in: Pollution Control Boards, Urban Planning, Industries, Food and Environment, Waste Treatment Industries, Refineries, Food Processing Industries etc. Thus, there are wide career options after M.Sc in any discipline.


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