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IITT Students Rock IIT Mandi

IITT COE students rock the IIT Mandi's EXODIA'13
A group of 30 students of our college got the opportunity to represent IITT at the Inter college youth festival- EXODIA'13 organised by the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi(Himachal Pradesh) from 1st to 3rd march 2013.
The host institute provided excellent facilities to the participants and the accompanying staff members in hotels just about 10 minutes from the campus.

Students of our college had participated in various technical, cultural, literary and fray events. It was a 3 days gathering with many other colleges participating from in and around the state. The entire guest as well as the competing performances were very impressive and had a lot of energy, enthusiasm and joy in it.
Day 1 started with an opening ceremony with a few guest students performing some romantic classic songs on guitar. All the performers of the first day were youtube stars. This was held at the IIT main campus which was a half an hour drive from the town.
The real show began on the 2nd day with some exciting performances by our own students. It began with a musical Instrumental competition in which Jigar Doshi(4thsem Mech) gave a performance and won the second prize. Followed by this was singing in which Ashish Dhiman(6th sem Mech) grabbed audience attention with a rock song and then was Jigar again with a gazal of his own.
The afternoon sessions were for the gamers. We had quite a few number of participants in this. Sahil, Gaurav, Vipin, Amritesh, Ashish, Yatinder, Parveen, Kunal, Raman and Jigar going crazy. A few of them made it to the quarter finals of the games. Then there were the literary events in which Jigar participated in the debate speaking about the Big Questions in India.
The evening couldn't have been any better when the IITT "KHALSA BOYS" rocked the stage in the competetion called the Synchronians with their mind blowing Bhangra performance. The dancers included Mandeep, Arun Ashish Dhiman, Munish, Sachin, Vishal, Munish Garg, Shefali, Sujata, Parveena, Savitri, Jyoti and Pooja.  Before that was the Band Slam. A few bands from Chandigarh and other neighbouring places had come to perform their enthralling music. And guess what, people couldn't stop their feet from dancing and tapping to the beats.
The third day was the most exciting one with 2 of our lead dancers giving their amazing performances in the solo dance completion. Apoorv Gupta(4th sem IT) and Purnima Sharma(4th sem ECE).  Apoorv started the competetion being the very first hip-hop performer with people roaring and cheering their hearts out for him. Purnima was none the less and became the centre of attention with her classic bollywood style. Both of them seeked a lot of lime light. Ashish Dhiman on the other hand showed the technical side of him by competing in computer designing section. He won third prize in this and earned a lot of appreciation from the fellow competitors.

In the afternoon we all went for a small trip to a tourist lake view hill station- Riwalsar about 22 kms form Mandi for a change. It was quite exciting aswell. We visited the Buddhist Monastery and Gurudwara to seek blessings from  the almighty.
Evening was concluded with the performances by the well known band EKA. It was quite an amazing evening with the audience dancing to the fullest and cheering and hooting and all.
The overall trip was a very enjoyable experience. Special thanks to the coordinating professors Er Kapil Chawla and Er Ridhi Chawla for accompanying the students. Heartfelt gratitude to our Principal for permitting us to participate.
I hope the IITT management continues to believe in its students and encourages us in organising as well as participating in such events.