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22 students shortlisted by Ship Mgmt

Twenty two students have been shortlisted by Samundra Institute Maritime Studies.

These students will undergo Interview and Medical test on 8th July,2012

Samundra Institute of Maritime  Studies to provide an outstanding maritime training opportunity to the Indian seafarers in addition to developing and nurturing a future generation of competent professional seafarers to carry on the difficult task of the shipping industry for the 21st Century and beyond.We wish them best wishes for future endeavours.

Following is the list of students from IITT College :

1. Mayank Kumar

2. Sunny Kaundal

3. Ravinder Kumar

4. Mrinal Jyoti Kalita

5. Abhay Mohindru

6. Hitesh Kumar Chaudhary

7. Atul Rattan

8. Utkarsh Kumar

9. Amit Balouria

10. Narendra Sharma

11. Sahil Garg

12. Aman Sharma

13. Sandeep(30/09/1989)

14. Vikas Deep

15. Suresh Kumar

16. Vijay Kumar Bhardwaj

17. Rahul(3/11/1987)

18. Shabeen Thakur

19. Vinay Kumar

20. Amit Kumar Rana

21. Sumit Kumar

22. MD Daud