Terms Of Services

Payment Terms and Deadlines

No Application Fee is payable at the time of the application submission. A non-refundable Confirmation Deposit, which contributes towards the program fee, is payable within 07 days of acceptance into the program and will hold the student's place on chosen program as long as the balance payment plan is followed. Students have the option of paying via an installment plan. IITT reserves the right to withdraw any previously confirmed campus seat should the above payment terms and conditions not be met. IITT will endeavor to relocate any student who fails to meet the payment deadlines. IITT reserves the right to assess a late payment surcharge of 2% per month, or the maximum allowed by law, whichever is lower,on all outstanding accounts. Methods of Payment The Application Fee and Confirmation Deposit can be paid: Online, by credit card, or by bank transfer/wire. Any and all transaction and bank fees are the responsibility of the customer. IITT will credit the customer's account with funds received only.

Providers of the Programs

IITT is a nationally-recognized provider of education in India.Through its global reach, marketing capabilities, multicultural understanding, and past experience,IITT attracts students from around the India and Abroad to its education programs and makes various other services available to its students.


Admissions Policy

The admissions policy of the IITT is intended to assess how an applicant might contribute to and benefit from an intensive graduate education in a culturally diverse institutional environment. It reflects a "holistic approach" to application review based on

  • Basic Admissions Criteria,
  • Primary Personal Factors, and
  • Secondary Personal Factors


Financial Aid Policy

IITT's Financial Aid policy is intended to advance IITT mission to deliver a useful and enduring education. It is based on the following objectives:

  • to promote a nationally, culturally, and ethnically diverse student body,
  • to encourage outstanding applicants to enroll in the IITT Programs and
  • to provide financial assistance to qualified applicants in need of such assistance.


Consistent with these objectives, IITT has set forth the following guidelines for the awarding of bursaries, grants, fellowships, and other forms of financial aid: All such awards should be based on the following criteria:

  • Country of origin (to ensure national, cultural, and ethnic diversity)
  • Financial need
  • Specialized knowledge, skills, and/or expertise
  • Career goals
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Community, public, or national service
  • Evidence of: Leadership Professional promise


Motivation and drive Overcoming adversity, including disabilities. The above criteria are not exhaustive. They may be weighed differently. They may not, however, be reduced to a standard formula or ranking. They should be considered in light of the IITT's admissions criteria, its mission and purpose. Withdrawals and Program Fee Refunds General Information Program Fee refunds are granted based on the date of the official written withdrawal processed by the registrar's office.\Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. The first week of class is the week containing "Immersion begins" as listed in the academic calendar. The schedule that follows will apply to students withdrawing voluntarily, as well as to students who are dismissed from the School for academic or disciplinary reasons. If the student is on a student visa at his or her campus of study, withdrawal from IITT will invalidate the student visa and immigration authorities will be informed. The student must schedule an exit interview with Student Services prior to his or her departure Application fees, insurance fees, installment plan fees, Pre Program fees, Accommodation fees (paid to IITT) and confirmation deposit are all non-refundable. Refund will only be given on Program Fee and Specialization Fee less any Financial Aid awarded (meaning all financial aid, scholarships, and bursaries awarded by IITT).


Dismissal from the Program

IITT reserves the right to dismiss any participant at any time whose academic performance is unsatisfactory, whose conduct constitutes unacceptable professional behavior, who has not paid their fees, or whose legal or medical problems hinder satisfactory performance. In such cases, the Dean will notify the participant in writing, a degree will not be awarded to the participant, and, as appropriate, the participant's sponsor will be notified. For students on a student visa at their campus of study, dismissal from IITT will invalidate the student visa and immigration authorities will be informed. All students are required to have adequate medical and accident insurance coverage as defined by IITT. IITT has negotiated and entered into a tailor-made travel insurance group policy with the insurance provider, under which IITT is the only policyholder. Students may choose to be beneficiaries under the group policy, and thereby given the following benefits:

  • Protection against expenses incurred through accident or illness,
  • Coverage for loss or theft of baggage and personal effects,
  • Liability and Legal coverage.


Students who do not want to be a beneficiary under the group policy are obliged to obtain alternative and adequate insurance coverage and provide a copy of the insurance policy to IITT.


Data Protection

Any information provided to IITT may be held on computers and shall be used by IITT and its authorized agents. Cancellation or Changing of Programs, Specializations, and Rotation Locations All programs, rotation locations and specializations are offered in good faith but in the event enrollments for a specific program or location are deemed not sufficient to viably run the program, IITT reserves the right to cancel or move any offered program, rotation location or specialization to another campus location. IITT will endeavor to communicate any changes as early as possible and offer any affected students other programs, locations or specializations to attend.



In case transport facility is availed for the full academic session and if due to any reason the student leave/withdraw this facility during the academic session, the student shall have no claim for refund of fee and other charges already paid or otherwise, whatsoever against the IITT after the last date of refund as prescribed under the head 'Refund Policy for Indian Applicants' of Part-C. Fee and other charges, including advance and security, paid by the candidate shall stand forfeited and the candidate shall further be liable to pay the fee and other charges for remaining/ entire year.

IITT can provide transport facility, at its own or through other arrangement, as deem fit. iii. Student will not be entitled to claim transport facility as a matter of right.

Student should board the transport vehicle from the assigned boarding point/location only.

IITT will have the full authority for the inspection of the transport vehicle or any personal belongings of the student during transit or otherwise in or outside IITT at any time.

IITT reserves the right to withdraw or to change the transport vehicle allotted and various provisions and facilities in the vehicle from time to time, as deem appropriate by IITT.

The student should carry the transport identity card all the time while being in the transport vehicle and shall be liable to produce the same as and when the concerned authorities ask for and the defaulter in this regard will be liable to pay the fine as imposed by IITT.



IITT will not be liable for any damage, loss, accident or mis-happening caused to the students or their belongings while being in the transport vehicle or otherwise.


In case IITT is not able to arrange for transport facility for specific period due to any reason whatsoever, student shall make their own arrangements for the transport facility at their own cost; and shall not be entitled to claim any compensation from IITT.


The student will be liable to pay the transport fee for the industrial visits, tours, bridge courses/ subjects, workshops, practical, training, placement visits or for visiting such other place/events as may be specified by IITT from time to time, in addition to the transport fee for the academic session(s), as and if prescribed.


In case it is found at any time that the student is subject to be declared ineligible for appearing in any examination due to shortage of attendance in a particular term after due consideration of all the classes to be conducted for that term or in case detained at any time on account of disciplinary misconduct or any other reason whatsoever, the student will be liable to leave this facility as and when directed by IITT. Allotment of transport facility in the next term/semester shall be solely at the discretion of IITT.


The transport fee and related charges are subject to revision from time to time as decided by IITT.


The student will be liable to pay for any damage caused to the transport vehicle therein either alone or jointly with others and shall also be subject to face disciplinary action(s) as decided by IITT




Security Advice to the students
There are certain measures/precautions a student needs to take to ensure that his/her belongings are safe and there is no loss of the property and information. IITT cautions students:
To lock their rooms and keep all the valuable material in the almirahs (laptops, mobiles, and wallets) provided in the hostels.

Not to keep cash in the rooms and instead avail the banking facility.
Not to keep gold ornaments and other valuables in the hostels.
Not to give valuables like Laptops, mobiles etc. to strangers.
Not to disclose their important information like ATM pin numbers, Bank Account numbers,
password of laptops, security codes of cell phones, RMS account etc.

To take proper care while using the social networking sites and not to disclose any significant information on public forums.

Not to misuse the information provided by other students on the internet, otherwise a strict disciplinary action will be taken.

To avoid indulging in any clashes with other students whatever the reason be To report any unscrupulous phone calls and messages from any unknown numbers to the security office so as to trace them and resolve the case.

To carry the ID cards when inside the campus.

The Communication Channel for security related issues in the hostel

The students are advised to first go to the Warden and the other staff in the hostel for assistance. If the problem still persists for any reason then he/she should contact the security office.