Transport Facility

Transport facility is allotted on annual basis for students admitted for regular program for the duration of regular academic session. All rights of permission to avail the transport facility are reserved with IITT and can be denied to any student. No student shall be entitled to claim this facility as a matter of right. Transport facility will be allotted on First Come First Serve basis. Routes and pick up points are indicative and are subject to change from time to time. Transport facility will be provided till the end of the regular academic session including regular exams. It is generally not provided after end of academic session for any purpose like summer school/ reappear examination/ make up examination/PEP classes etc. However in case Transport facility is provided by IITT after the end of regular academic session for any purpose like summer school/reappear examination/ make up examination/PEP classes etc., additional proportionate transport fee will have to be paid by the student as prescribed by IITT. Normally timings for IITT Bus to arrive at the IITT Campus will be 8:45 a.m. and departure at 5:30pm unless otherwise announced by IITT. The time table of the student may change in between or after every semester also. No application for refund for transport facility will be entertained after last date of admission on these grounds. Transport fee as mentioned below is for the academic session 2014-2015 and it is subject to change for successive sessions.



In case transport facility is availed for the full academic session and if due to any reason the student leave/withdraw this facility during the academic session, the student shall have no claim for refund of fee and other charges already paid or otherwise, whatsoever against the University after the last date of refund as prescribed under the head 'Refund Policy for Indian Applicants' of Part-C. Fee and other charges, including advance and security, paid by the candidate shall stand forfeited and the candidate shall further be liable to pay the fee and other charges for remaining/ entire year. The college can provide transport facility, at its own or through other arrangement, as deem fit.

Student will not be entitled to claim transport facility as a matter of right. Student should board the transport vehicle from the assigned boarding point/location only. The University reserves the right to withdraw or to change the transport vehicle allotted and various provisions and facilities in the vehicle from time to time, as deem appropriate by the University.

The student should carry the transport identity card all the time while being in the transport vehicle and shall be liable to produce the same as and when the concerned authorities ask for and the defaulter in this regard will be liable to pay the fine as imposed by the University. The college will not be liable for any damage, loss, accident or mishappening caused to the students or their belongings while being in the transport vehicle or otherwise. In case the college is not able to arrange for transport facility for specific period due to any reason whatsoever, student shall make their own arrangements for the transport facility at their own cost; and shall not be entitled to claim any compensation from the University. The student will be liable to pay the transport fee for the industrial visits, tours, bridge courses/ subjects, workshops, practical, training, placement visits or for visiting such other place/events as may be specified by the University from time to time, in addition to the transport fee for the academic session(s), as and if prescribed. The transport fee and related charges are subject to revision from time to time as decided by the college. The student will be liable to pay for any damage caused to the transport vehicle therein either alone or jointly with others and shall also be subject to face disciplinary action(s) as decided by the college.


Vehicle Parking Facility

Vehicle parking facility may be availed by Day Scholars as well as resident/ students. Students interested in availing this facility need to get their vehicle(s) (2 wheeler and/ or 4 wheeler) registered by filling a prescribed form, after paying the registration fee of R 250/- (for 2 wheelers) and R 500/- (for 4 wheelers) before they bring their vehicles to IITT Campus. For day scholars (facility to bring the vehicle in the morning and park till the evening) -Nil- For students availing residential facility (2 wheelers) -Nil- For students availing residential facility with overnight parking (4 wheelers) 5000/- (annual) The parking place (unpaved parking) will be at some distance from the allotted residential accommodation and/ or academic block. IITT bears no responsibility for the loss/ damage/ theft of the vehicle, accessories and any material in the vehicle. At all time, the speed limit, as specified by IITT, needs to be followed in letter and spirit. In case of 2 wheelers, the driver as well as the pillion rider needs to wear the helmet.  Tripling and other acts forbidden under Motor Vehicles Act , 1988 and/ or other relevant laws and regulations in force are not allowed. All vehicles brought inside the IITT Campus should have Insurance paper, RC, Driving License, Pollution Certificate and other relevant documents as required /prescribed under Motor Vehicles Act , 1988 and other relevant laws and regulations in force. IITT is a diverse community, where students from different states of India and other countries study and live together in harmony on the fascinating campus. IITT considers the safety and security of the campus members integral to its educational goal. To ensure the same a dedicated team of security officers and personnel has been hired. To provide the students with a safe and congenial environment, IITT ensures: Drug free, alcohol free, smoke free and ragging free campus Patrolling across the campus Deployment of CCTVs across the campus for round-the-clock surveillance Installation of Fire Safety Kits in all buildings. Separate security guards for hostels to make them a safe place to stay in for the students and staff The Communication Channel for security related issues in the campus The students are advised to first go to the Administrative Office for assistance. If the problem still persists for any reasons then he/she should contact the security office.