Why recruit from IITT?

IITT has formed alliances with prominent research institutes in miscellaneous industries across the globe. It proffers its students with an innovative hybrid system of learning which is based on established techniques in the US and UK. Besides, it focuses on entrepreneurship, R&D and application based learning as well. Thus, keeping a standardized education curriculum, we make national tour and study programs in prodigious international universities for selected students. From industry interactive session, seminars and workshops to quizzes and paper presentations, our teaching methodology is quite flexible and result-reaping. Moreover, our vibrant sports facilities, training in language program and other leadership based personality development programs add more to the overall development of the students.

We have a complete Learning Management System which is based on world class digital reference material with completely simulated lectures available anytime, anywhere. In the midst, in case of inability to pass exams, students are given a chance to repeat a course whilst, bright students get a privilege to take extra course to graduate earlier.

IITT is the only university across the nation which has a fully flexible credit based system. We offer extremely flexible system with opportunities to take inter-departmental courses to fulfill the credit requirements. We provide our students fully wifi campus along with seamless networking architecture in hostels, classes, canteens, common rooms and sports areas. With perfect learning environment and 24*7 connectivity of learning resources, the aura throughout the campus is always lively.